Based on our core competencies, we solve a variety of tasks within the automotive sector. Our core competencies are:

  • Design development
  • Strategy and business development
  • Engineering and construction
  • Financing and investment

We can manage different development processes alone or in cooperation with others. We can e.g. participate in both the development of specific product or concept solutions as well as in the complete processes from concept to runnable prototype.


 Our focus is the automotive sector and we cater primarily to customers who require solution of tasks in the following areas

  • Development, design and production of small/medium-sized series of different types of cars including electric vehicles
  • Development and production of automotive products
  • Development of products with the use of New Tech / Green Tech Technologies
  • Development of commercial and strategic opportunities within the sector in general and in Automotive Entertainment
  • Development and participation in automotive investment projects


HBH International, Rentemestervej 23A, 2400 København NV, Danmark +45 26 24 03 07 info@hbhint.com